Today, we achieve the same result by applying a body lotion or skin formula straight out of a jar. instead of crushed berries and walnut bark we use a high-gloss lipstick to colour and moisturize our lips; instead of homemade kajal, which our grandmother painstakingly collected overnight in tiny iron containers, we now pick up a convenient kohl pencil straight off-the-shelf to highlight our eyes.

Today beauty care is a global multi-billion dollar industry that employs millions of people – from scientists and production engineers’ right up to your neighborhood pedicurist and mehndiwalli. if you have an eye for beauty, enjoy interacting with people and delight in transforming a plain jane into a stunning sophisticate, beauty care is a field you could excel in.

Although tastes and trends keep changing, the basic job of beauty care professionals remains the same: to help people look their best!

“It is said that cleopatra bathed in rose petals steeped in asses’ milk to soften her skin”

Programmes Offered

Diploma in Beauty & Hair

  • Body perfection & yoga (theory & practical)
  • Communication techniques (theory)
  • Cosmetic dermatology (theory)
  • Cosmetic chemistry (theory & practical)
  • Industrial project

Certificate in Beauty & Hair

  • Beauty therapy (theory & practical)
  • Hair dressing (theory & practical)
  • Nutrition & dietics (theory)
  • Anatomy & physiology (theory)
  • Communication techniques (theory)