The best way to predict the future is to create it!

International School of Design made a promising beginning under the aegis of educationists & industry leaders few years back. Having set our own challenging benchmarks and goals we gradually climbed every rung of the ladder. Living up to our own expectations we are now one of the prominent players in the design education sector in the country. With a clear vision to contributing back to the national and International design scenario which transpired into best opportunities for our young designers to participate in the real world of Interior, Fashion, Jewellery & Textile design. Our training modules are best suited to make aspiring designers a perfect fit to not only most promising brands of the globe but also initiate startups into a successful business after pursuing their course of study at the International School of Design.

International School of Design – Hyderabad had a rewarding journey so far. INSD is a now a pioneer in envisioning and evolving design education in the country through a national network of several professionally managed training centers all across India. The ideology behind our education system is to contribute significantly to the development of the Indian Design Industry. INSD has set academic standards and excelled in thought leadership by providing a pool of creative genius and technically competent professionals. Always in spotlight International School of Design, Hyderabad collaborated with prominent causes & organizations including The India Runway Week as their educational partners in September 2015 and set new milestones down the road for young designers in its endeavor to give back to the Indian design industry by providing a pool of creative genius and technically competent professionals that competes with the best in the world.

International School of Design – Hyderabad takes delight in its past achievements & head strong approach and look forth to a rewarding future for our students, associates & future partners. Our 1,2,3 year courses in Fashion, Interior, Jewellery & Textile design are designed precisely to carve the best out of our fresh and promising student designers and embark their strong presence to the globe.

Take your first step towards glory. It all begins here. Belong to the future with INSD.

  • National award Winner for best college in India
  • Ultra modern infrastructure
  • Centres across India
  • Over 30 Placement & training partners
  • International Connections for Advanced Training
  • Regular fashion shows and events every year



Education can be used to investigate new dimensions, which are aimed at pedagogical affordances of altered ways of thinking. educationists have ordered a range of methods and accounts in fashion education. identifying principles of good learning, INSD has constructed its philosophy of progressive thinking. over the years, the institute has emerged as a hub of innovation in the realm of design, management & technology. we prepare our students to produce solutions nearly to any challenge within our domain specifics.


We stand for the value of inquiry-based teaching and learning the academic core is designed to facilitate multidisciplinary study that assimilates aesthetic and industrial dynamics across levels and disciplines. It is this integrated learning at International School of Design that provides a unique platform to its students transforming them into professionals and preparing them for a wide variety of careers. cutting across specialisms, the students are encouraged to work with a cohesive approach to learning.


Eemphasis is on professional development of students. the teaching methodology promotes interactivity, critical to students understanding, development and maturity. students undertake classroom and workshop assignments, conduct field studies, participate in group discussions and critique sessions. hands on experience on live industry projects allows the students to brace themselves for the industry and other entrepreneurial possibilities. the course curriculum accommodates student interaction with the industry rough internships, ringing in requisite insight and appreciation of industry diktats.



Develop skills, cultivate new talent, this has been the mission of the international school of design. beginning with fashion and progressing to design. it has always been the aim of the Institute to provide students with the best means of expressing themselves feathery. Today INSD is an established and recognized workshop of aesthetic principles, which has a strong Indian imprint.
It works along with the most interesting names as advisors in the design industry; with teacher practitioners that emery they expertise to train the excellence. of tomorrow’s Industry profession-me. our training comes who constant contact, through the faculty, and the it in the sector. which help. in Order to help nurture and choose the stared tomorrow.


Faculty of the institute articulates a sense of expertise & dynamism inspiring the students to realize their full potential. INSD faculty builds critically engaged teaching practices while testing its relevance through a wide range of projects and contexts.
Students enhance their talent by working with the faculty on various real life projects gaining invaluable knowledge, experience and awareness on design application and industry dynamics. in the recent past, faculty & student teams have undertaken varied group tours & research visits with the relative industry, the faculty is a constant source of inspiration to the student commune encouraging them to integrate function with specialized knowledge.


International School of Design - Hyderabad International School of Design - Hyderabad International School of Design - Hyderabad

International School of Design - Hyderabad  




About L.V. SAPTHARISHI (Retired IAS Officer.)

“A long career in the fashion industry and heading NIFT for many years, has given me a natural insight into the fashion world. I decided too associate myself with INSD as I found the institute to be truely international, in terms of values, dedication, courses, faculty, coaching and enrolment. I believe in INSD and look forward to a long and fruitfuly relationship with INSD”.

About K.RAJENDRA NAIR (Retired IAS Officer.)

Shri K.R.Nair is presently SEBI appointed public interest director on the Board of Inter Connected Exchange of India Limited and is Chairman of the Board. He is also associated with IILM as Advisor for training programs for IAS and IPS Officers sponsored Govt. of India and has held various senior positions in both the State Government of Punjab and Government of India

“Iam proud of my association with INSD. I appreciate the values and the vision of INSD. I wish all the students and associates all the very best”.


Prof. (Dr) B.V.Somasekhar is a Doctorate in Intenational Law completed MBA from JNTU and one year Business Leaders Programs from IIM, Kolkata. Besides he has completed several Post-graduate programs and diploma in Public Relation, Human Resource, Planning and Project Management etc. He was Guide for several Research scholar in management and law. He has written several articles in leading generals, participated in National-International conferences and undertaken projects and consultancy with various Government and Non-governmental agency started his career as Human resource manager in a leading newspaper and was faculty at Osmania University, Hyderabad and at Indian society of International Law, Delhi. He was the founder Registrar of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Hyderabad, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India.

“My expertise and experience in the field of textile and fashion will help INSD grow and utilize the complete potential of this industry I whole heartedly wish Mr.Sunjey Aggarwal and his team all the very best and we will together make sure that INSD becomes the No. 1 Design college of INDIA”.


Valerie Corr-Professor – FIT (Since last 33 years)

Hello Mr. Aggarwal & all INSD Students,
Nice to meet you, I am very happy to be associated with you & will be in constant touch with you through my inputs for better learning experience at INSD.
I wish all the students of INSD the very best for their future.
All the best,
Prof Corr

Aimee Mclachlan

Dear Sunjey Aggarwal,
I am personally very glad to be a part of your advisory panel. I will help the INSD students into building their career in the right direction, my heartiest wishes to all of you at INSD.

Pamella Powell

Dear Mr.Aggarwal,
Thank you,this is in an honor to be on you advisory board. I will make sure that the students of your college get the right knowledge through my blogs & other technical inputs.
I look forward to meet you all one day

Lotta Danfors

It’s been a great experience at INSD during the international student exchange program , let me tell you as the student exchange program head at St Ericks Gymnasium,it was a pleasant surprise to be a part of the institution that is world class as back home,it was great to see the friendly staff,great teachers and a great environment.
Lotta Danfors

Valerie Corr

Dear Mr. Sunjey Aggarwal,
Please let the students know that I find India to be an inspired and inspiring country for Fashion Design. Indian hand embellishments are intricate and beautiful and would make a great contribution to the world of contemporary design. Your students should capitalize on your country’s unique strengths. All my best,
Prof. Valerie Corr